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“It’s a Slap!”

It's a Slap!

“Rebel High-Five: It’s a Slap!”

This amazing piece of art is by Blain Hefner is an 8″x10″ acrylic on illustration board. From the collection of Amy Sjoberg.

More info on this piece and the artist can be found here LINK

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Luke Jedi Underroos found!

I finally found a set of unused Luke Jedi underroos — one of my grails is now part of my collection!

Luke Jedi Underroos

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Vintage blue saber – new variation?

Maybe a new variation? The following is a picture of a blue ‘swirl’ lightsaber, it appears identical to the green version which was release on 65A backs from Hong Kong. Is this the real deal or a really good repro? If you have a carded blue saber – check yours, we are looking for proof that it exists on card.

Blue & Green lightsabers

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